How To Prepare For Your Foundation Appointment

  • Discontinue use of Retinol products 3 days prior to treatment, also discontinue use of active ingredients Vitamin A, C or glycolic acid, Alpha Hydroxy acids, lactic acid, etc.)  3 days prior to treatment 
  • Shower and/ or shampoo hair prior to treatment as it is not recommended to wash face, wet face, or be in steamy environment immediately after and up to 24 hours (just try not to get face wet if you must shower or shampoo hair)
  • No Fillers 2-4 weeks before and after
  • No Botox for 2 weeks before and after
  • No waxing up to 2 weeks before
  • Wait at least 3-4 weeks after laser hair removal depending on laser (ask laser technician also)
  • Wait at least 8 weeks after fibroblast treatment (ask fibroblast technician also)